Announcing ASSET 2.0

Expanded capabilities and new features released this May include:

Legacy support for SQL 2014 installations.

We were surprised to learn how many SQL Server 2014 instances still require your support and *sigh* those tedious STIG checklists. "ASSET makes my SQL Server 2016 platforms so easy to STIG," you told us, "but I'm still stuck checking and documenting my SQL Server 2014 platforms manually!"


We listened, and this May's release of ASSET 2.0 includes a new vulnerability suite to support DISA's latest checklists for SQL Server 2014.

New unattended execution feature.

Already using a vulnerability scanner you like, but unhappy with its limited SQL capabilities? ASSET 2.0's new unattended execution feature allows for seamless integration with other vulnerability scanners and/or asset management products.

This feature is now standard with our domain license model, but for a limited time we are including it in our single seat licenses as an affordable way to try it out.

ASSET - Automated SQL Security Evaluation Tool (1M - Single Seat)

ASSET - Automated SQL Security Evaluation Tool (1M - Single Seat)


Looking for a reliable SCAP tool to help evaluate your SQL server's security posture against DISA's Security Technical Implementation Guidelines (STIGs)?

ASSET executes DISA mandated SQL 2014 & 2016 STIG checks against SQL servers and produces instance and database checklists in the required xml format, saving you hours—if not days—of tedious and error-prone manual labor. When you use ASSET to execute your SQL STIG checks, it will:

- Quickly and reliably perform nearly ALL of the DISA mandated SQL STIG vulnerability checks
- Automatically evaluate scan results, assigning the appropriate status (Not a Finding, Open, Not Applicable) where possible, and...
- Provide the information necessary to support that status, or facilitate any further review
- Output directly to a DISA SQL 2014 or 2016 STIG checklist. (No more copying and pasting the results from your own ad-hoc scripts into the checklists!)
- Produce the both Instance and/or Database checklists
- Target multiple databases on a single SQL server at once and automatically produce individual checklists for each one.


- Windows 64-bit Operating System with:
- .NET 4.5 or higher 
- PowerShell 5 or higher
- Execution policy remotesigned

This is a one month subscription download - Single seat, single client access license (CAL).  

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