Announcing our FREE Compliance Package for SQL Server

New products and features already released and coming soon:

Compliance Package for DISA's SQL Server STIG

We are constantly asked for tools and guidance to increase the efficiency of the remediation and mitigation process as much as ASSET has increased the speed and accuracy of SQL vulnerability checking.

Remediation, though, is a dangerous business.  Changes to your SQL Server are NOT something we feel can be safely scripted by someone outside of--and unfamiliar with--your environment

Even so, we have been asked so often--and so persistently--that we started asking ourselves, "is there anything we can do to help?"

The answer is yes.

Many of these requests have centered around questions of crafting DISA compliant policies and safely implementing DISA required procedures.  In some cases, an inquiry or two to your local command or your Information Assurance (IA) department will reveal that policies and procedures are already in place to address these issues.  In other cases, you may need to request adjustments to these policies--or create a few from scratch--to ensure your SQL Server platforms are fully compliant with all DISA STIG requirements.

For those circumstances, we can now offer policy guideline templates with language written specifically to address those concerns DISA wants addressed by policy.

In addition, we have also crafted some SQL Agent job creation scripts that can be implemented to help address several DISA monitoring and record-keeping requirements.

And the best part...

It is completely FREE!

We include:

  • Baseline policy templates with suggested policy language addressing SQL-specific compliance issues.
  • Baseline SQL/Powershell scripts to create SQL Agent jobs and alerts to implement—or monitor implementation—of specific compliance issues.
  • A vulnerability matrix mapping these policies and scripts to the specific SQL Server vulnerability—or vulnerabilities—they are intended to address, simplifying the task of ensuring a given policy addresses all the relevant STIG requirements, across multiple SQL Server versions.

You can download it FREE here: FREE Compliance Package for SQL Server

What's new for the future?

The July 2021 release of ASSET (Our Automated SQL Security Evaluation Tool) will include a couple of new updates.

First, our scan output will now be formatted to STIGviewer Version 2 Release 14.

More importantly, our Delta STIG Checklist Conversion Tool will now be able to update checklists to newer versions/releases EVEN WHEN vulnerabilities have all been assigned new IDs.

No more copying and pasting hundreds of findings to a new checklist when a STIG version change occurs just before you are ready to submit your completed checklists.  Now with just a few clicks, all your checklists can be transferred to the newest version, with only the handful of vulnerabilities that actually changed re-flagged for additional review.

And just as before, ASSET's Delta STIG Checklist Conversion feature works with virtually all STIG checklists, not just SQL Server's.

And also just as before, this feature is fully-functional even in our trial version of ASSET.

FREE Trial Version


Our FREE trial version of ASSET will randomly perform 10% of our full suite of vulnerability checks.  This allows you to see ASSET in action and get real results to evaluate our performance, and we know once you've seen it in action you'll want 100% of what ASSET has to offer.

It also includes our increasingly popular Delta STIG Checklist Conversion feature.

You can download it FREE here: ASSET - FREE  Evaluation Version