ASSET Obtains U.S. Navy DADMS Approval

The U.S. Navy has added Borelli Security Software Inc’s Automated SQL Security Evaluation Tool (ASSET) to the Department of the Navy Application and Database Management System (DADMS) list. DADMS is the Navy’s authoritative record of software approved for use in all Navy and Marine Corps systems.


The Department of the Navy requires that all external software must receive this approval before authorizing the technology for use within the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps, and each application is assessed using strict criteria for compliance with Navy standards. Borelli Security Software Inc’s vulnerability scanning and monitoring tools provide DBA’s in the DoD with powerful instruments to automate an otherwise tedious and error-prone tasks.


Anthony Borelli, President of Borelli Security Software Inc., observed: “DADMS approval is a very important milestone for us. It permits ASSET to assist Navy and Marine Corps commands to implement DISA’s compliance guidelines for SQL Server accurately, efficiently, and uniformly.”


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